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Blumags + Innovation Norway
= Happy Customers

We can proudly announce that Blumags is now backed by Innovation Norway. They are a government-owned organization that supports businesses with promising ideas to develop their products and reach out to the market. The funding enables us to accelerate the Blumags mission: Boosting the efficiency of underwater operations! 

Through their market clarification program, Innovation Norway assist entrepreneurs with a promising new type of product in familiarizing with their customers and understanding their needs. This provides us with an opportunity to answer some fundamental questions: 

  • What are the magnets used for? Our own list is long: Anchoring points, guide wires, cofferdams, welding, cameras, heavy tools, mooring, oil booms, to name a few. But we are sure there are many applications that we are not yet aware of, and maybe even those that no-one has thought of and are waiting to be discovered. An in-depth understanding of how the products are used - or could be used - will help us make them even better. 
  • Should we include any add-ons? With the customizable features of the Willy, anything is possible.  
  • What is important to our customers through the sales process? Personal contact, written quotations, free freight, streamlined payment options? We want to make sure we focus on the things that really matter.
  • What product should we develop next? Smaller magnets, stronger magnets, magnets adapted for ROV's?

Through the fall of 2020, we will be conducting interviews with a group of key customers representing different market segments, as well as a public survey. The results will serve as a compass when steering the Blumags enterprise forward.

We are delighted to have been chosen by Innovation Norway in this program. In the end, our objective is to create as much value for our customers as possible!

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