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Hold on to the Willy Dive Grip

You asked for it and we responded. In our survey of professional users the most commonly requested additional feature was this user-friendly dive grip. Now you can use the heavy-duty Willy magnets not only to anchor equipment and lines but also as a convenient brace when working with tools or in an adverse current. 

The carabiner - a safety hazard

One of the most common applications for our magnets - if not the most common - is for divers to anchor themselves. Working with heavy equipment or needing to apply some force on the tool, a diver in midwater is helpless without an anchoring point. Also, there is often a current or waves, complicating the matter further. 

The classic solution consists or a diving magnet, a rope and a carabiner. From a safety perspective however, strapping yourself onto a magnet under water is far from ideal. In an emergency situation, or if the diver loses consciousness (because unfortunately, accidents do happen), that carabiner might turn into a deathtrap. 

Most wanted according to survey

In our market survey among professional divers, we presented a number of possible add-ons to the Willy series. One of them was a handle that would be mounted on top of the magnet, creating a convenient brace (since the existing "handle" is not meant for holding on to, but for removing the magnet). This turned out to be the most sought-after feature. 

And now, we are thrilled to present the latest add on to the Blumags portfolio: the Dive Grip. It has been tested and verified by a few selected pilot customers, with encouraging feedback. You can easily mount it on the top plate of both the Willy magnets with the included set of screws and wingnuts, and it fits neatly in the tool case.

We strive to deliver the world's best diving magnets, and are continuously improving to make divers' lives easier. The Dive Grip is our latest innovation - but not the last.

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