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Introducing Moby: The Game-Changing Magnet for ROV Applications

Blumags unveils Moby, a groundbreaking magnet for ROV applications with a holding force of up to 3200 kg. Designed as a robust and lightweight solution, Moby eliminates the need for complicated conservation procedures and offers modularity for easy customization. DeepOcean has recently placed the first order for Moby, and the magnet has been delivered to their offshore supply base in Haugesund, Norway for an imminent offshore operation.

We’re excited to unveil our newest addition to the Blumags family: Moby. Our existing magnets, Flipper and Willy, have been a part of our portfolio since the beginning of Blumags in 2020, catering to diverse applications for divers.

Now, we're taking a leap forward with the launch of Moby. Specifically designed for ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) applications, and with a holding force of up to 3200 kg, and Moby sets a new benchmark in underwater magnet technology.

The primary objective behind the creation of Moby was to develop a magnet that could serve as a strong anchoring point for work-class ROVs. Just as divers rely on magnets to maintain their position underwater, ROVs often face challenging conditions, such as ocean currents and wave motions while performing meticulous tasks that require precision and stability, which would not be possible using thrusters alone.  

Moby is designed to withstand the rough handling of a work-class ROV. Despite that, this magnet weighs less than 25 kg, resulting in an unmatched force-to-weight ratio in the ROV segment. 

Needless to say, Moby is made of stainless steel, a hallmark feature of the Blumags brand. It utilizes a permanent magnet design, as opposed to the more common switchable magnets used in most ROV applications today. This means simplicity and peace of mind – a robust, lightweight design without the need for any complicated conservation procedures, oil-filled housings and pressure compensators, and it’s definitely not a single-use magnet. 

But wait, there's more. The magnet has been designed so that it can be applied on curved surfaces such as a monopile or an offshore jacket structure with diameter down to 1100 mm.

The basic configuration includes a main handle intended for a Rigmaster, along with a release mechanism consisting of a screw and an interface for a 7-function (or T4) arm. However, we've designed Moby with modularity in mind, allowing for easy customization based on specific application requirements. The main handle can be replaced with alternatives, providing flexibility and adaptability. Additionally, we have plans to develop other types of release mechanisms to cater to the needs of future customers.

The modularity of Moby aligns seamlessly with our overall design philosophy, enabling users to customize their magnet solutions.

Moby 3200 kg is the culmination of a two-year research and development project, made possible through the support of Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway. With valuable input from subsea companies DeepOcean and Dykkerteknikk, we've harnessed our collective expertise to create a magnet that sets a new standard in ROV applications.

Now, we are thrilled to share that DeepOcean has placed the first leasing order for Moby. Straight from our workshop, Moby was delivered last week to the offshore supply base in Haugesund, Norway, eagerly awaiting its deployment in an upcoming offshore campaign.

To learn more about Moby or any other magnets from our portfolio, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect magnet solution for your specific requirements.