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More Marine Magnets for Military & Law Enforcement

In response to the growing demand from various sectors, including the military, security forces, and law enforcement, we've expanded our portfolio of marine magnets to include Tactical editions for all our handheld sizes. What sets the Tactical edition apart is its sleek, matte black coating, which significantly reduces the reflectivity. Among others, the Singapore Police Force have invested in a substantial quantity of Tactical Willy 500, expressing complete satisfaction with the product. They also opted in for the Willy Dive Grips with their magnets, providing the user with a convenient handle on which to hold on without releasing the magnet. 

Tactical Willy 500 Willy Dive Grip
The Tactical editions feature the same distinctive features as the standard editions of the Blumags range:
  • Stainless steel housing giving a superior service life
  • Patented technology providing compact design and improved force-to-weight ratio
  • Multipurpose design with removable rigging points
  • Compact, IP67 rated flight cases with inbuilt magnetic shielding

 Tactical Flipper 250