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Say Hello to the New Willy Diving Magnets!

One year since the official launch of Blumags in 2020, we are proud to introduce the new generation of Willy diving magnets. We made a few incremental improvements that will make the world's best diving magnets (according to our customers) even better.

The feedback from the users of the first generation was great. The second generation, therefore, is fairly similar. But of course, there is always room for improvement, and since we at Blumags like to stay ahead of the game, we have made a few tweaks such as extending the handle, improving the durability of the laser print, improving building tolerances, and other details.

We have also standardized the c-c distances between the three bolt holes on the top plate across both sizes of the Willy magnet. This will become particularly useful for a surprise development that will be announced very soon!

The Willy model is available in two sizes: 500 kg | 1100 lbs, or 800 kg | 1750 lbs.

Willy 500 on Blucher wreck

So what are the Willy diving magnets used for?

There are as many uses as there are users. To name a few:

  • Anchoring point for divers when working with heavy tools or in currents and waves
  • Fixating cofferdams on hull sides
  • Keeping hoses and cables in place
  • Strapping oil booms to hull sides
  • Securing guide wires for transporting items to and from the surface
  • Temporarily securing anodes for welding
  • Temporary mooring lugs for small workboats