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Successful trial of the Moby ROV magnet

We recently sent our latest innovation, the ROV magnet named Moby, out for field trials with our development partner DeepOcean in the Balder field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The plan was for Moby to assist with ROV hull cleaning and other tasks on the Balder floating production unit.

Moby on crane block

The magnet was tested as an ROV guide for the 250 Te crane main block on OLYMPIC ARES during a tree cap replacement and as an ROV grabber bar on a template during a clamp installation. The DeepOcean operatives reported back as follows:

‘The design is a robust and lightweight solution, easy to handle by both personnel onboard the vessel and by ROV subsea. The possibility of angling the magnet modules ensured it could be installed on slightly rounded surfaces, and the release mechanism was easy to operate both by manual handling and with ROV. The magnet held firmly when installed and released as expected after operation.’

During one of the operations Moby was held up against the structure with the release mechanism engaged, allowing the ROV to move the magnet freely into the desired position before disengaging the release mechanism. After the magnet was installed, the ROV attempted to move it both by pulling with the Atlas arm and thrusting with full thrust in all directions. The magnet did not move.

To release the magnet, the ROV activated the release mechanism, and the magnet was released from the structure as expected. Moby was recovered to deck inside a subsea basket.

Moby subsea

Moby was easy to use and operate, and the ROV handle gave a good grip for the parallel claw. Some improvements have been suggested by DeepOcean, mainly around protection for Moby and the use of a keeper to prevent unintentional attachment of the magnet to metallic surfaces and we will be taking these suggestions into account on future production. We are delighted with the overall performance of Moby and the ROV personnel commented on the quality and practicality of the design as well as adding that they are very optimistic about using the magnet during shallow water operations and in strong current environments.

Moby on template structure

To read the full DeepOcean report or to learn more about Moby or any other magnets from our portfolio, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect magnet solution for your specific requirements.