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Tactical Willy – The Stealthy Option for Powerful Underwater Magnets

A new version of our popular diving magnet, the Willy 500, has joined the Blumags family. Crafted from the same stainless steel and powerful neodymium as all our other magnets, the Tactical Willy 500 maintains the high standards that Blumags represents. What sets the Tactical edition apart is its sleek, matte black coating, which significantly reduces the reflectivity. Because some users, such as police, special forces or military, may not want to attract more attention than necessary.

We're delighted to announce that the very first batch of Tactical Willy 500 has already made its way to a valued customer in Singapore. A limited number of identical magnets are currently available for other customers, so make sure to contact us if you’re interested, while the stock lasts. In the long term, we plan to manufacture tactical editions of all our diving magnets, so stay tuned for updates.