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Say Hello to the New Willy Diving Magnets!

One year since the official launch of Blumags in 2020, we are proud to introduce the new generation of Willy diving magnets. We made a few incremental improvements that will make the world's best diving magnets (according to our customers) even better.
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Blumags Goes Subsea

One of our Willy 500 models is now sitting on the wreck of the German WW2 heavy cruiser Blücher in the Oslo Fjord. Mounted on it is a yardstick used to measure the size of a crack in the hull over time. The magnet was mounted by ROV in an operation led by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket).
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Participate in our User Survey - Closed Dec. 1st

As a part of our ongoing Innovation Norway project, we are inviting you, dear visitor, to participate in a user survey. Whether you are a customer or not, we want your opinion.

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Blumags + Innovation Norway
= Happy Customers

We can proudly announce that Blumags is now backed by Innovation Norway. They are a government-owned organization that supports businesses with promising ideas to develop their products and reach out to the market. The funding enables us to accelerate the Blumags mission: Boosting the efficiency of underwater operations!
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Jumping in the Water with 100 Years of Experience

As product designers, validating the products in real life conditions with flesh-and-blood users is a vital step in the design process. For underwater magnets, that involves strapping on the dive gear and bringing the products under the surface. Together with three experienced commercial divers, we had a great trial session in the Oslo Fjord.
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