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WILLY 800 kg | 1750 lbs

When holding force matters, you can safely rely on the Willy series. These heavy-duty diving magnets can be used to anchor not just yourself in position, but heavy equipment, oil booms, mooring ropes, and much more. Or perhaps you need extra strength to combat thick layers of rust or paint on the steel surface.

This magnet also has two M8 clearance holes in addition to the detachable eye nut.  

Holding force 800 kg | 1750 lbs
Net weight 4.4 kg | 9.7 lbs
Eye nut dimension M10
Housing L × W × H 132 × 147 × 36 mm | 5.22 × 5.79 × 1.42 in
WILLY 800 kg | 1750 lbs
Regular price Contact us to request a quote for Tactical edition. $1,395.00