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Before using any of our magnets, read carefully through these instructions, which are also found in the User Manuals.

Always keep a safe distance between the magnet and the following equipment:

Pacemakers or other electronic life-sustaining equipment 2 m / 7 feet
Other magnets 400 mm / 16 inches
Steel surfaces (except when intentional)
Sensitive electronic and magnetic equipment such as
phones, compasses, stripe cards and hard drives
  • Always use two hands to apply the magnet: One holding the housing and the other holding the handle in vertical position. Do not hold your fingers under the magnet.
  • Be aware that the magnetic holding force may be reduced due to corrosion, paint, uneven steel surfaces,marine growth, steel thickness, alloy type and the pulling angle.
  • Do not suspend yourself from the magnet or in any other way put yourself in danger should the magnet fail to hold on. Do not suspend objects that might cause injury or damage should the magnet fail to hold on.
  • Do not regard the magnet as a lifting device. There is no safety factor, SafeWorking Load (SWL) or Working Load Limit (WLL) defined for the magnet.