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Supreme corrosion protection is provided by encapsulating the magnetic core in a strong and thick epoxy layer, and Ni-Cu-Ni coating on top of that. In addition, the housing is made of stainless steel, ideal for underwater use.

The heart of our products consists of the world's most powerful magnetic material - Neodymium. Unmatched in magnetic flux and coercivity, this material is the obvious choice when holding force matters.

Any piece of equipment can be firmly mounted directly onto the magnet. The eyenut assembly can be easily removed to provide a clearance hole for your own bolt – and should you need more, the Willy series also has two additional holes.


Flipper Willy
Holding force 100 kg
220 lbs
250 kg
550 lbs
500 kg
1100 lbs
800 kg
1750 lbs
Weight 1.4 kg
3.1 lbs
2.2 kg
4.9 lbs
3.1 kg
6.8 lbs
4.4 kg
9.7 lbs
Eye nut dimension M8 M8 M8 M10
Housing L × W × H 70 × 70 × 27 mm
2.76 × 2.76 × 1.06 in
80 × 80 × 36 mm
3.15 × 3.15 × 1.42 in
117 × 127 × 30 mm
4.63 × 5.00 × 1.18 in
132 × 147 × 36 mm
5.22 × 5.79 × 1.42 in

What are
Diving Magnets
used for?

A commercial diver often finds himself in need of a temporary anchoring point. When faced with currents or waves, he will often need to use arms and legs to maintain position. He may be handling heavy equipment that lacks neutral buoyancy, or tools that require some force applied by the user, such as a drill, screwdriver or a cleaning device, while he has nothing else to hold on to.

The equipment may need a temporary anchoring point too. When working with several tools back and forth, there is rarely a working bench underwater on which to leave those which are not in use. Other pieces of equipment may need to be firmly attached when in use, such as torches, guide wires or floatation devices. Even above or near the waterline, there may be similar issues for fastening oil booms, mooring ropes or fenders. The list goes on.

Blumags' line of
Diving Magnets
provide a convenient solution to all of these problems. With the Flipper or Willy models, you can free your arms and legs to do useful work instead of just maintaining position, hang off your tools when not in use, firmly attach a drilling machine or a heavy piece of equipment, and increase the efficiency of your underwater operations significantly.